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Another blog post by little ol’ me about writing history and Romans in gay and m/m romance fiction. Read it HERE:


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  1. September 13, 2014 at 10:53 pm

    Historical fiction is interesting to me, because it I believe it sits right beside the science fiction genre. Both grasp at things we THINK we know. Historical fiction is based in educated guesses of what our world was like in the past, and science fiction is based in educated guesses of what our world could be like in the future. This applies to many areas… social, economical, geographical, technological, and bits of gray areas between them.

    It’s all about the interpretation.

    Our history is based in our interpretation of long dead writers who were as flawed as we are. I think this tenders free license for fiction writers to interpret these dead guys’ works more broadly. This allows writers to drop us in different time frames, and illustrate them for us.

    Historical fiction for me is more about learning about environments. Attitudes and day-to-day life. The advantage being that I can learn these things while enjoying a story. I’m provided a path to follow, and can hang out with these people and peer into their lives.

    Interpretation and balance. Those are key. Too much focus on the bad is not fun to read. Too much focus on the idyllic is just as difficult to digest. If I’m required to sit with a dictionary of historical terms, I’m lost.

    Blend the bitter with the sweet; the hard reality and the fantasy. It adds up to plausible, and is my favorite kind of historical fiction.

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