Whom do you want?

Character profiles are an important exercise for every storyteller; for me, they help establish the basic background story for each of the secondary characters in the Dominus saga. And yes, there are many, many players in this wicked tale. 🙂

I believe it’s time for a new character profile. Most of my earlier ones originally posted on my Tumblr page have been copied here, including profiles for Lucius Petronius, Maximus, Bryaxis, Simon, Marcia Servilia, and Callidora.

So, whom would you prefer to learn more about? Just let me know. Here’s the list of potential candidates (some of whom you haven’t met in the story yet, but you will very soon in the draft chapters):

  1. Tacitus – my own twisted take on this historical figure
  2. Gaius’s paternal grandmother, Memmia Cornelia (1 vote so far)
  3. Pliny the Younger – my own twisted take on this historical figure
  4. Titus Petronius, Lucius’s brother


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