The Kickass Anthology Tour Welcomes The Arvin Family To The Novel Approach

A fabulous interview with Eric Arvin’s mom and sisters. Buy the book and support a super great cause!

The Novel Approach

Kickass-Tour Badge

The Novel Approach is so proud to be a part of the Kickass Anthology tour, a project conceived of to raise funds for Eric Arvin’s ongoing recovery.

Contributing to the anthology are authors Keira Andrews, Connie Bailey, Sophie Bonaste, Tara Bluhm, Michael J. Bowler, A.L. Boyd, Jade Crystal, Catherine Dair, Fiona Fu, Nancy Hartmann, JP Kenwood, Mia Kerick, Jackie Keswick, Eleanore Pavelle, Kate Pavelle, Jonathan Penn, Tali Spencer, Taomi, Rayne Vogel, Brandon Witt; with a very special forward written by Eric’s sisters Angela and Amy, who agreed to answer a few questions and are here with us today, along with their sister Stephanie and their mom Pat.

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