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Given the impending holiday madness, draft Chapter 4 of Games of Rome will be posted in the usual places in mid-January. Until then, here’s a longish bit of sweet smut featuring Gaius and Allerix. As always, this is raw and subject to severe editing. And it’s possible that these silly words may wind up on the cutting room floor. But, I doubt it. Have a magnificent holiday, lovelies! 😀


Caught somewhere between laughing and sobbing, Allerix gasped for air as his legs trembled uncontrollably. He could barely stand up; he feared that any moment he’d collapse into the fine white sand that cushioned his bare toes. Strong fingers combed through the tangles in his long, damp black hair while thirsty but gentle kisses danced up his neck. Alle swayed to one side when a thick arm wrapped tightly around his stomach, pulling him back to press against Gaius’s soaked chest.

“You enjoyed that, cățel.” Gaius murmured playfully into Alle’s left ear.

Allerix slowly tugged out of Gaius’s embrace to turn and face him. Wearing a grin so daft that his full cheeks mimicked a squirrel’s swollen with winter berries, Alle draped his arms over his master’s shoulders and leaned on him for support. A soft sound that might have been ‘yes’ was all Allerix could utter before he brushed his lips across Gaius’s hot mouth and moaned. “Dominus.”

“You’ve never been loved in that manner before?” Gaius asked, his voice sounding so damn pleased that it threatened to dissolve into an endearing chuckle.

“I never knew…” Allerix rested his forehead against Gaius’s and paused to draw another deep breath. “That was even possible.”

“But you took pleasure in it?”

“Perhaps more than anything. Ever.”

“Sweet-singing Aphrodite has gifted man with many exquisite ways to make love and satisfy our desires. I intend to school you in each and every bloody one, Alle.” Gaius ran his palm over Alle’s cum-coated abdomen before he stepped back and offered out his hand. “By Hercules’ crusty scrotum, we’re both fucking covered in glorious seed. Come, I have something else to share with you.”

Alle opened his heavy eyelids and smirked. “More delicious food?”

“Hungry again so soon? No, we’ll save the next course of our private feast for later. This is a surprise, something unique.” After Gaius pushed aside a few rogue strands of Alle’s ebony fringe, he pressed his mouth against Alle’s temple and whispered, “A secret.”

Gaius clasped Allerix’s hand, snatched up a bronze oil lamp teetering near the edge of the table, and guided him to the dark recesses in the back of the cave.

“We’re going through there. Are you frightened of confined spaces, cățel?”

“I’ve never been afraid before, Dominus.”

“Good. Now mind the jagged bits of rock and don’t let go of my hand.”

Naked, they treaded carefully through a pitch-black narrow tunnel that cut through the hillside, Gaius leading and lighting the way, until the cramped winding passageway opened to another cavern. The thrilling sound of water gushing from somewhere echoed off the stone walls. Gaius loosened his tight grip and pressed his finger to Alle’s lips.

“Stay here, pet. I’ll light the torches that I’ve had fixed to the walls.”

At first, Allerix could see little beyond his own outstretched hands, but when Gaius lit the first torch, and then the second and the third, the rough textured walls and soaring vaulted ceiling of the natural grotto appeared, their surfaces sparkling as if they were covered in gemstones. A wide rushing stream of steaming water emerged through an opening high up on the back wall before it cascaded into a wading pool below.

Allerix spun around, his lips parted, as he gazed in wonder at the staggering space. It couldn’t be real but yet here it was. He had no words in his own language to adequately describe the magic.

“Those are slivers of quartz embedded in the rock,” Gaius explained. “See how the crystals shimmer by the light of the torches like bright stars in the night sky. And natural hot springs like this are common here in Campania. Some fools fantasize that they are the tears of the betrayed god, Vulcan, tears he sheds daily as he toils at his forge inside the mountain of fire.”

Gaius strolled over to Allerix and snorted. “I suspect there’s no melancholy divine blacksmith crying streams of anguish, but I’m an incorrigible skeptic when it comes to the priests’ fanciful stories. This water is heated by the furnaces that rage inside our ferocious volcano; the water’s much too hot to touch until after it collects and cools in that basin. Fortunately, the pool’s not very deep and the temperature’s perfect for a brief soak. Let’s wash off o that I can dirty your beautiful, clean body afresh, yes?” Gaius cupped his cheek and added with a smile. “I have so, so much to show you, to teach you, my dearest Alle.”


JPK ❤️

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