How bloody wonderful. Thank you all for visiting my new author page. I’m penning a fun, sweet, sexy scene featuring Allerix and Nicomedes. I should have the draft chapter ready to share soon. You’ll also finally meet Gaius’s grandmother. 😀

And thank you to everyone who has purchased and read the first book in the Dominus series. I see it was a holiday present for quite a few folks. I’m tickled silly. If you enjoyed the story, please leave a rating and/or review at Amazon. I had it on the wrong Amazon ‘lists’ for months and a couple of unhappy folks have left me lumps of coal. All is corrected now with the category listings and readers interested in ancient Roman shenanigans and plotty stories and gay romance are finding the book. \o/ To those of you who have already left some loving on Amazon, my deepest gratitude. ❤️❤️

Much love and hugs and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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