Getting the ducks in a row


With any large complicated project, at some point one needs to pause, step back, and think.


Organize shit.

I finally finished the entire preliminary chapter outline for Games of Rome. You’d think that I would have done this some time ago, right? Nope. It was time to transfer my jumble of insane thoughts and wicked fantasies to a proper plot chart, with locations, chronology, and characters. Pantsing is all well and good, but plotting is a necessary evil/joy for complex sagas with a gaggle of secondary characters.

By my estimates, Games of Rome will turn out to be about 26 glorious chapters, give or take a couple. That’s not counting the prologue and epilogue for the continuation of Charlie’s archaeological and romantic adventures. If I keep averaging ~5000 words a chapter, then the book will be in the range of 130K words, some 50K longer than the first book, Dominus. I will bust my behind to get this out by this summer. Promise.

Just to whet the appetite, here’s a few words and phrases (in no particular plot order) from my spiffy chapter summary chart:

  • Gaius and Allerix in stables
  • spanking
  • accident
  • theft
  • sling orgy
  • murder
  • chariot races
  • arrow wound
  • sex in public
  • funeral
  • revelation of dire secret
  • birth
  • sword fighting (gods help me)
  • dinner party (several, in fact, cause this is ancient Rome, after all)
  • poisoning
  • murder trial
  • Allerix refuses to kill
  • Gaius comforted by Allerix

Yup, it gets dark and dangerous and deadly in Rome. But there will be sexy times, playroom fun, laughs, love and affection, and much silliness as well. And plenty of damn fine wine!

In other news, I caved and bought five new research books today!! I’m a bibliowhore. Two books on Roman law and trial procedures, and three more covering the history of Dacia/Romania. My library shelves shall overflow with arcane knowledge. \o/

Onwards, lovelies… there’s spanking to be done. 😀


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  1. February 6, 2015 at 11:15 pm

    Go ducks… oh the irony…

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