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From Games of Rome. No spoilers. Mature content. Raw and unedited. Max returns to the Campanian villa and to Nicomedes.

At over 1500 words, this is more of a scene than a snippet. \o/ For the book, I plan to write this homecoming scene from Allerix’s point of view. For shits and giggles, I decided to explore the same scene from Nic’s POV. I love my naughty blond Nicomedes and I needed to write some hot loving. Nic and Max are two of my most beloved secondary characters and one of my favorite couples in the Dominus universe. Bits and pieces of this scene may or may not show up in the final story. Enjoy. 😀



The rumble of men’s laughter drifted from the direction of the vestibule into the common room. Nic looked up from his half-eaten meal and wrung his hands, his fingers sticky with fish sauce residue. Another eruption of laughter, still low and deep but louder. Closer.

Dominus and the others were back, at last.

Nic let out a giggle as a wave of relief tinged with excitement flooded through his body.

Max was home.

Still draped in his bulky travel cloak, Max’s stocky frame filled the doorway to the common room; his toothy smile shone brighter than the last golden beams of the day’s sun streaming through the smoky air of the dimly lit space. He stretched his arms out for an embrace as he crossed the threshold. Simon and the Dacian were seated at the table beside Nic, their platters licked clean, but Max didn’t take any notice of them, not for a moment, not even when they stood up to greet him. Not a glance, not the slightest nod of acknowledgement.

“Nicomedes, come here!”

Another tall silhouette appeared behind Max’s left shoulder, but Nic quickly dismissed the distraction. Whoever it was, he was too tall to be Dominus. Besides, Dom would never follow Max into any room, and certainly not into the stable house. Nic’s chair scraped against the floor when he shoved it back in his rush to welcome Max’s affection.

“I missed you.” Nic’s whispered words became sobs as he melted into Max’s strong hug. Max stunk of dust and damp leather—the trip must have been long and hot—yet he smelled sweeter than any fragrance Nic could recall.

“I’ve missed you, lamb.” Max whispered back, as he lifted Nic’s chin and cradled his face between his palms, brushing his cheeks with his thumbs. He stared into Nic’s teary eyes for so long that Nic could have counted, with leisure, every single one of the sexy wrinkles that feathered the corners of Max’s dark eyes. “Is everything well, Nicomedes?”

Nic wiped his nose and nodded. “All is well now, sir.” He couldn’t help but lean into Max’s touch.

All was well.

Reluctantly, Max turned and greeted the other lads before delivering a string of instructions, but Nic couldn’t discern the specifics; his mind was swirling. The deep baritone vibrations of Max’s voice reverberated through his chest down to his groin until he was trembling. On impulse, Nic snatched a pitcher off the dining table and thrust it at Max, splashing his chest with a splatter of water. “Are you thirsty, Maximus, sir? There’s fresh water here and, if you’re hungry, I’ll go tell…”

Chuckling, Max silenced Nic with the tip of his finger. “The journey down here was unmemorable and scorching but otherwise pleasant. I’ve enjoyed my share of fucking water during the ride. Simon, fetch us the best wine you can find in the kitchen cupboard.” Before Simon reached the doorway to the kitchen, Plautus toddled out with a red ceramic pitcher and shuffled over to hand it to Max. “Welcome home, Maximus,” was all Nic heard before Max wrapped his arm around his waist and hoisted him up and over his wide shoulder.

“Greeting, Plautus. It’s good to be home.” Max swatted Nic’s bum, sharp enough to leave a satisfying sting, and dropped his voice to a wolfish grumble as he turned toward Simon and Allerix. “I’m taking this starving blond slut to my room, locking the door, and ravishing him in every manner possible until I surrender to sleep. Dom’s given his permission; unless the commander directs otherwise, do not dare disturb us.”

A garbled chorus of “Yes, sir.”

Nic watched the cracks between the stones in the floor pass one after another as Max carried him over his shoulder across the room. A loud thump followed by the door slamming against the wall. After he clicked the lock secure, Max carefully lowered Nic to his feet and pulled him in tight, holding the wine jug out to the side. Cupping Nic’s chin, he ordered. “Open the shutters while I light a lamp and pour us drink, lamb.”

“Yes, sir.” Nic’s hands were still shaking.

Max’s spacious room on the first floor was easily twice as large as the cells upstairs. Against one wall was an oversized bed with a thick, plush mattress and not one but two feather-filled pillows. On the opposite side stood a sturdy desk, a pair of chairs and a wooden storage chest. The window on the shortest wall faced the sea; the soothing sounds of the crashing surf floated in through the gap between the shutters. After Nic pulled open one shutter and then the other, he turned around to find Max offering him a ceramic cup filled close to the brim. Three long gulps and the potent wine warmed his gut and quickly settled Nic’s nerves.

“You’re a thirsty one.” Smiling, Max wiped the red stains from Nic’s upper lip. “Take off the belt, love.”

It was gentler than those lewd commands barked at him back in the brothel, but Nic’s face flushed rosy hot. His entire body was on fire. His stiffening prick tented his tunic as he loosened the bronze belt clasp, allowing the thick leather strap to slide over his slender hips to the floor. He kicked it to the side with his bare foot and waited, both hands folded over the small of his back.

After Max unfastened the brooch on his riding mantle, he pushed the cloth off his shoulders and draped his cloak neatly over the back of the larger chair. “Arms up,” he instructed and Nic immediately complied. Max slipped his hands underneath Nic’s tunic, tickling his sides, watching him laugh, until finally he lifted the sage-colored tunic over Nic’s head. When he was finished, Max crossed his muscular arms and stepped back.

“I’ve missed you so damn much, Nicomedes. By the gods, look at you. You’re fucking exquisite. There isn’t a faun in all of Rome whose beauty outshines yours.”

“Kiss me.” Nic swallowed, pleading. “Please, Max.”

Before Nic could take another breath, Max pulled him into a bear-like embrace and leaned down to brush his full lips over Nic’s before invading his mouth with his tongue. It was dizzying and brilliant but it was a bit difficult to breathe. When Nic pulled back panting, Max released his hold and carried him over to the bed.

“I need you, lamb.” Max said after he laid him down across the mattress. He slowly peeled off his own tunic and stood by the side of the bed in all his naked, aroused glory as Nic’s lust-heavy eyes devoured him. “Tell me you need me as well, Nicomedes.”

“Need you, Maximus. Need you now.” Nic half-mumbled, half-chuckled. He raised his long legs and pressed his soles against Max’s burly chest, rubbing Max’s dark nipples with the pads of his feet. When Nic let his knees fall open and lifted his hips in wanton desire, Max grabbed both of his ankles, held them together in one hand, and blew kisses over the tips of his toes. Nic laughed harder, unable to contain his joy, when Max smiled and said. “I brought you gifts from the capital.”

Nic lifted his chin. “Gifts?” Shit, he sounded like a bird.

Max sucked Nic’s big toe before releasing his feet. “No presents until you roll over on your stomach and close those big, blue eyes.” After Nic obeyed, Max poked his thigh and added. “No peeking, rascal.”

Rustling noises as Max retrieved whatever he’d brought from Rome. The mattress sunk and the delicious heat of Max’s full balls brushed over the curve of his arse. Max crawled on his hands and knees up the length of Nic’s aching body until he pressed his thick erection between Nic’s round bum cheeks, kissing a trail down the back of his slender neck and across Nic’s shoulder blades.

“You may have one guess. Any ideas what I might have brought you, lamb?”

“An enormous hard cock, my Hercules?”

“Is that all you want, love? I suppose I should save the rest of your presents for the Saturnalia, then.”

Nic’s voice shot up an octave as he playfully wondered. “Can I have your cock and the gifts?”

Max spanked him once but hard. Nic squirmed and snickered and moaned into the mattress while Max licked his way down the hollow of Nic’s back. When he reached the cleft above his crack, he dipped his wet tongue into the sweet dimple before biting the firm flesh of Nic’s reddened right cheek. “Greedy little whore.”

“Your whore.” Nic’s tone was more serious than he’d intended.

“Hush, you still belong to Dom. By most holy Fortuna, may he someday be so generous as to grant me my only desire.”

“He will sell me to you, Max. Dom rewards his most valued servants.”

Max chuckled as he he shook his head with devotion. “I love you, lamb.” Max poured a stream of viscous oil into the crevice between Nic’s cheeks before tracing lazy circles around the sensitive edges of Nic’s bum hole. Nic was already loose and hungry; no need for much preparation. Max slowly inserted and, after a moment, gradually withdrew two of his thick, slick fingers. When Nic raised his arse to protest the emptiness, Max spread Nic’s cheeks wider and entered him in one, long powerful thrust. Nic clenched the bedcovers and gasped; Max leaned down and purred into his right ear. “I’m home, exactly where I belong. With you, Nicomedes.”


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