The Vespasianus Titus Tunnel

A combo tunnel and canal located in Seleucia in Pieria (modern Antakya in south-eastern Turkey) begun in the first century AD and finished in the mid-second century. Built by Roman legionary soldiers and slaves (many of whom were captives from Titus’s Jewish Wars).

seleucia_tunnel02entrance to the tunnel

OMG, this is super cool. I had planned for Gaius and Allerix to travel through Turkey at some point (as Roman Asia Minor is a minor obsession of mine), but this seals the deal. Now just to find and fine-tune the plotty bits.

seleucia_tunnel07inside the tunnel

Here’s info on the tunnel canal from the Livius website:

And here’s the more detailed description on the UNESCO website:

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  1. Vitzy
    March 5, 2015 at 10:05 am

    ohhh, I used to live near to that place! How exciting. And I’m pretty sure where I live now (Southern England) actually used to be an old kilnery. The road name is even called Kiln Lane! We keep finiding pots and ceramics even now and there is a local archaelogist trust that collects and does cool stuff with it. Did the Romans have use of kilns? Or is this likely to be a more recent development.

    Also, did you hear about the discovery of the hospital graveyard underneath the shopping mall in Paris? I found that fascinating – pity they only have 2 weeks to get everything done. Which brings me right back to your story. Damn, I REALLY want to know what the Charles and his excavating Italian friend, found!

    • March 5, 2015 at 9:11 pm

      Hey, Vitzy! It’s quite possible that some of the ceramic frags you’re finding are Roman. Roman kilns were introduced to Britain shortly after its annexation under Claudius (41-54). Pottery of all types was produced there and vessels (esp. the fancier stuff) was imported to Britain from other areas of the Empire. Often Roman pottery frags make there way to the surface through modern agricultural activities… plowing, planting, etc.

      Yes, I saw the story about the medieval mass graves found in Paris. Fascinating!

      Games of Rome will open with Charlie and Stefano sneaking back into the underground corridor at the dig site in the middle of night. More intriguing discoveries will be revealed. *cue mysterious music* 😀

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