Poena Cullei: Roman Sadism.

Busy writer has been busy, so apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. But here’s an interesting post on one of the more bizarre Roman punishments. Snippet coming soon!

Ciencia Histórica

It’s been a while since I last messed with the Romans and their traditions, some of which are extravagant and even outlandish, but that doesn’t mean I have abandoned them completely.  Today we are back with one of those practices, specifically one of the many punishments handed out by Roman law to the worst offenders, in this case, parricides. Poena Cullei, as its name in Latin states, “the Sack Sentence”, was applied in Ancient Rome to those children who killed their parents, as perverse as a crime can get. Not that the Romans were short of cruel penalties but, as you will see in this case, this punishment was as inventive as they get.


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