The BEST motivator

What a lovely Hump a Rump Day surprise!   

Dominus has been out for over a year now, but I still get tickled silly when I read a generous review. Thank you, AER in the UK!!! And thanks to all who have taken the time to leave a review in any and every language. ♥♥

“Some books are just fun to read, and this is one of them. Gaius is what I can only describe as a “bad boy”. He’s arrogant, ruthless, self-centred… good looking, sexy, passionate. There’s so much about him that you want to loathe, and know you should, but you just can’t. Gaius is more complex than he appears on the surface, and JPK does well in showing us this, via his relationship with his slaves, his Dacian captive and with his old friend Luc. I would describe this book as a “romp”, and a good one at that. I look forward to the next installment.”

I have to admit that I’m a sucker for Gaius love. And Allerix love. And Max love. And… LOVE love. 😀review-button-copy


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