GoR, amuse-bouche #7

Gaius and Allerix.

Happy Thursday, and to everyone in the USA, have a wonderful, safe holiday weekend! ❤️


“Don’t let this startle you.”

Despite the warning, Allerix instinctively lurched when Gaius poured a cool, thick liquid, drop by drop, onto Alle’s sunburnt skin. The smooth mixture trickled down to his breastbone, pooling in the hollow at the base of Alle’s throat just above the riveted bulge of his silver slave collar. Moaning and grunting like a starved animal, Gaius lapped up the fragrant nectar. When he’d devoured the entire, tiny puddle of sauce, he ran his tongue up and over the knob of Alle’s larynx before nibbling the side of his neck just below his left ear until Allerix squirmed.

“You’re delightfully ticklish there, aren’t you, căţel?” Gaius whispered, his warm breaths teasing Allerix’s tender skin.

Even though the strip of cloth already shrouded his vision, Alle squeezed his eyes shut. Why did the Roman bother with this playful seduction when he could easily take whatever he fucking wanted? What did the bastard gain from this tortuous charade?


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