GoR amuse-bouche #10

Happy Friday from the writing cave! Nicomedes and Maximus. 😀


“Take this garland—oh, Lares, oh, Penates, oh, Genius Spirit of our Paterfamilias, oh, Genius Spirit of Counselor Petronius—and protect this household. Bring all who dwell here good fortune, happiness, and prosperity. May you all be strengthened by my offering.”

After he’d lit the incense and the ceremonial oil lamp, he poured a stream of wine into the sacrificial bowl on the altar. Once the rites were completed, Nic pulled down his hood, lowered his head, and finished the invocation to the household gods. “Blessed may it be.”

From behind, Max added in his deep booming voice. “You forgot to ask for good health, lamb.”

“Shit!” Nic recovered his head with his thin cloak and blurted out, “And bring good health as well, divine Penates and everyone else.” Nic rose to his feet, turned, and grinned that sublime smile he only shared with Max. He pushed back the hood before flinging his long blond braid over his shoulder.

Gods, the man still took Max’s breath away.



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