GoR amuse-bouche #13

Gaius and Allerix. *sigh* ❤️


“This world is unlike mine. Your land is controlled, fenced in and shackled to your appetites. The mountains and forests of my homeland are wild and unpredictable, not easily tamed or harvested.”

As the words tumbled out, Allerix’s heart ached. Was Silva still alive, roaming free with a pack of her kind through the Carpathian woodlands? If he ever saw her again, would she even remember him?

When Alle sighed, Gaius pulled him closer. “Unlike Dacia, Rome is lumbering, unstoppable machine; we move legions over mountains and across rivers, build cities, transport water, and feed the masses. We subjugate nature, and the fertile earth in return thanks us with seasons of bounty.” Gaius rubbed his nose behind Alle’s ear and whispered against his skin. “The difficult part is laying down arms long enough to savor her fruits.”

Allerix took hold of Gaius’s wrists and pulled him down to lie on the couch. Caressing the nape of Gaius’s neck, he softened his gaze and smiled. “Let’s lay down our arms for a while, Rufus.”



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