Update on Games of Rome release

The best laid plans…

Alas, I have to push the release of Games of Rome forward a bit. The new release date is November 15, as you’ve already seen if you’ve visited Smashwords. I handed out discount coupon codes at the UK Fiction Meet, coupons which originally expired on October 31st. I’ve changed the expiration date to November 30th (same code still applies). And as, if not more important, I’ll post a separate discount coupon code for Games of Rome here for all my WordPress blog readers when we are closer to the big day!!! \o/

Despite the delay, things are rolling along swimmingly in the Dominus universe. Gaius is still an arrogant prick, but softening up and revealing more of his heart. Allerix is still scheming, but struggling not to lose his heart. And then there’s other stuff — good stuff, bad stuff, silly stuff, and sad stuff. Stay tuned. If I can find a few more non-spoilery amuse-bouche tidbits to share with you all, I will.

Hugs and gobs of appreciation,

JP Kenwood

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  1. September 28, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    Best news of the day!! Discount or no discount…I need to know more of the story. More about the historian and more about my favourite characters. On another note, I found this story with initial chapters based in Rome- reminded me soooo much of GoR that I had to go back and read some of it…pangs of gains, allerix, Simon and the rest just won’t leave me. See how you’ve infected me? 😉 on another side note…I didn’t even know you were in the UK 🙁 I would have loved to meet you…oh well another time, maybe. Hope alls well your end- looking forward to the release.

    • September 29, 2015 at 7:07 am

      Hello, dear Vitzy!

      Thank you for sharing your love for the boys! It really helps me as I wrangle these last few intense scenes. Gaius and Allerix are driving me a bit bonkers with their games. LOL! SO much happens in this second book, and I can’t wait to to send it out into the world and have you guys read this complete, next stage of the saga. I’m sorry we missed each other in the UK. I’ll be back for sure some day.

      Big hugs!!!!

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