The Calendar Series

Whew! So Games of Rome has been sent off into the world. Fly, little book, fly! While I wait for reviews–please, please do post a review over at Amazon or Smashwords (thank you)– I’m mucking about with the Fragmentum series. First, I’ve decided to rename it the Calendar series as each story will involve or mention a Roman festival from a different month.

In February, Gaius and Lucius briefly allude to the Lupercalia festival. The next installment, December, will feature Lucius and Bryaxis enjoying the Saturnalia festival. The Calendar stories tend to be flashbacks in Dominus universe, and they will always be FREE at Smashwords. ❤️

I’m also playing around with Photoshop to design my own covers for this series. Here’s a draft version of the new cover for the Calendar series. I’m hopeful that, with a bit more practice, I’ll manage to create a wonderful final cover. This amazing photo of a draped lad is by a talented photographer, Paul Henry Serres. The model reminds me of Bryaxis.

Stay tuned! Dominus Calendar Series: December is coming soon. It’ll have some very naughty role reversal play, and much Luc & Bry loving and shenanigans. 😀

DRAFT CalendarCoversmall copy


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