THURSDAY MORNING COFFEE BLOG – Kickass Anthology for Eric Arvin

Great news about the funds generated for Eric Arvin by the Kickass Anthology! And now it will be available in Spanish? \o/ Don’t forget our lad Charlie Hughes has a story in this anthology with amazing artwork by Fiona Fu. ❤


Kickass cover 3

One year ago, the illustrated Kickass Anthology came out on Amazon. A group of amazing writers and graphic artists donated their talents, and others edited and copy-proofed on a volunteer basis, and I formatted and published, to raise funds for Eric Arvin, who got unexpectedly disabled and needed help. We’ve raised and delivered over three thousand dollars to date. Today I’m sending a new check, the 2nd and 3rd quarter royalties for 2015, for $314.02. This is not as stellar an amount, but every penny will help and I thank all of you who were kind enough to contribute to the original effort.

Meanwhile, we have other developments: Eric needs an exercise machine called a “quadricizer,” and you can donate directly to his fundraising effort here. He has over $16K of the $20K needed to purchase this specialized piece of equipment. Unlike giving to a big charitable organization, you…

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