A Valentine’s Day Gift!

Happy Lupercalia, friends! I have a FREE short story I’d love to share with you. 😀

This sweet contemporary m/m tale features Charlies Hughes as a young graduate student digging in North Africa. In order to receive this ~9K word story, just click on the link below and sign up for my email list. Or, if you prefer, follow this blog by clicking on the “subscribe by Email” button on the main page. All current subscribers will receive the story by tomorrow evening. I promise no spam and no address sharing, ever. I will only email subscribers with important news about upcoming stories and novels. No bullshit.

JP Kenwood’s Reader Email List

As a thank you gift for all of your support, everyone who signs up for my email list through the form or by following the blog by email will receive a PDF copy of Bashir sent by me directly to your email inbox within two days, if not sooner. Please let me know if you run into problems with the sign up form – I’m a clueless newbie when it comes to this subscription stuff. The “Follow Blog by Email” button on the blog page is working fine.

The PDF file of Bashir includes the original cover artwork as well as a gorgeous sketch of young Charlie, both created by our amazing Fiona Fu. Bashir is still available in the charity Kickass Anthology. Since I’ve received my rights back, I’m sharing Bashir for free with email subscribers only. It won’t be available anywhere else outside the original anthology. And Charlie is so freaking adorable in this bit. I suspect you’ll also fall in love with Bashir. ❤️

Meanwhile back in ancient Rome, Lucius and Bryaxis are having much Saturnalia fun. If you sign up for the email list, you’ll also receive every volume of the Calendar Series in PDF form for free as soon as each episode is ready for prime time. I’m bundling two episode in each Calendar Series volume.  Plus there’ll be exclusive discounts on the ebooks in the Dominus series. So many fab goodies to come!

Of course, Gaius and Allerix are bitching at me to get on with their saga. I’ve starting outlining the outrageous third book in the Dominus series, and damn, this is going to be fun!

Be well and have a beautiful and love-filled day.


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