Sexy Sunday snippet

Jumping ahead to the last (steamy) bedroom scene of Luc and Bry’s Saturnalia celebrations. Here’s a wee bit. Raw and unedited. As always, things may change in the final version, but submissive Luc will stay. 😀


Although the sun had set long ago, Dom’s master chamber was still cozy. Layers of thick bed covers obscured the large mattress; a gilded brazier burning in the corner warmed the night air. Wringing his hands, Bry nearly jumped out of his tunic when heavy knuckles rapped hard on the massive wooden door.

Bryaxis cleared his throat and lowered his voice in an attempt to feign confidence despite his trembling fingers. “Enter!”

After he crossed the threshold, Lucius gently closed the door behind him. He smiled as he carried a bronze jug and an ornate box to the narrow table against the wall. “Permission to serve you drink, sir?”

“Permission granted.” The whispered words rolled nervously off Bry’s tongue.

Lucius’s blue eyes twinkled. “Would you prefer me naked, sir?”

“No, not yet.”

Now that sounded better, Bryaxis thought. More self-assured, less servile.

While his master poured red wine into two silver cups, Bry rubbed his sweaty palms against the fabric covering his thighs before blowing out a silent breath.


Oh, gods. These scene is… wow. Slave!Lucius is damn hot.

Happy Sunday, lovelies!


  3 comments for “Sexy Sunday snippet

  1. TheAnderfelsOne
    February 29, 2016 at 1:01 am

    That’s somehow the only legit situation I can accept Bryaxis showing off his nervousness.

    But the role of master suits Bry so well I feel like Bryaxis would have been a perfect prideful, spoiled prince in another life. I have created a character who’s a kinky, spoiled, haughty minx of a King 👑 and I always feel like Bry could have taken that role so well too x)

    • February 29, 2016 at 4:05 am

      He seems to be struggling between genuine nerves and ball-aching excitement. He can order Lucius to do anything… almost. 😉 Love the idea of him as a king – an alternate arc where he becomes a leader of the Calodonians! 😀

      • TheAnderfelsOne
        February 29, 2016 at 1:51 pm

        Oh lord. We need a fandom for this story!!! I mean Bryaxis as their leader?! You can sense that hot hell shall rain on his foes 🔥 his ministers would all be secretly lusting in meetings 😆

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