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Happy Spring, everyone!

I’ve found it challenging to rewrite this old story—a steamy threesome featuring Gaius, Lucius, and Nicomedes set four years earlier than the events in the novels. I didn’t understand who Lucius was back when I first wrote it, and I barely knew Nicomedes. After all that has happened in the Dominus saga so far, revisiting two of my favorite secondary characters is bittersweet. And I confess watching Gaius and Lucius realize their prohibited love affair is all but over is heartbreaking. The story is now longer and the ending has been changed. Here’s a short excerpt of the revised story.


“Why did you leave Rome so soon after you’d returned from the Dacian campaign? I hadn’t seen you in over a year, and yet you left the city without warning. Why?”

“I admit it was inconsiderate of me not to visit the Quirinal and bid you farewell, but I had to escape, Luc. All those suffocating palace parties and inane dinner conversations assaulted my already battered sanity. The serenity of the seashore enticed my weary bones, and I craved the affections of my pleasure slaves. Gods know I’d left Maximus alone and neglected for far too long.”

“How is our dear Max?”

“He’s well. Maximus seems to enjoy the company of that new sprite I’d purchased in Neapolis for his entertainment during my absence. I’m considering keeping the damaged brothel whore for myself. Max believes the lad has potential.” Gaius rubbed his finger back and forth over the raised figure of Dionysus on his metal drinking cup. “How many days do you intend to stay down here in Campania?”

“Only for a short while. There’s an important trial starting soon back at the capital. I’ve obligations, don’t I?”

“We all have obligations, Counselor Petronius.”


February and December (Dominus Calendar Series 1) will be released soon. It’ll be for sale exclusively through Amazon (and available through their Kindle Unlimited program) for 90 days before I put it up on Smashwords, but I’ll send a complimentary PDF copy of the story to my email subscribers (see tab on the blog main page titled,”Short Stories”). Funnily enough, both wee tales in this first volume feature Lucius. I do miss him.





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  1. March 21, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    Finished revision (I have an exam tomorrow) just in time for this update! I love your little snippets. They’re just enough to scratch the ever-existing itch for more Gaius/ Luc/ slaves/ romans and yet enough to make me go I really want to read the next installments now!

    I take it Nicomedes ( *sob*) is new at this point. How many years pre-first novel is this? I read somewhere up in your post that this was 4 years ago. Did you mean 4 years our time or 4 years ago in novel time?


    • March 21, 2016 at 8:19 pm

      Oh, I’m glad you enjoy these sneak peeks. They are fun to share and help keep my muse motivated.

      Nic has been at the villa for about a year, but Gaius hardly knows him since he’s been away at war (the First Dacian War). This story (“February”) takes place in AD 103, 4 years before Dominus. Gaius has recently returned to his villa after a long absence. In terms of real life, I wrote this short story 3 years ago. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. LOL!

      Good luck on the exam!

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