Sunday Update

Hi, folks!

So, I decided to test out the Kindle Unlimited waters and put a re-edited version of Dominus into Amazon’s subscription program for 90 days. Anyone can still buy it, but now KU subscribers can read it for ‘free ‘(not really free since there’s a monthly fee for the service). So far, not much action but hopefully more readers will find Gaius, Alle, Max, and the rest of the lads and ladies.

In other not-so-great news, the catastrophe I’d hoped wouldn’t happen has happened. Serious family health issues have rearranged my life schedule. Boy, hasn’t 2016 kinda sucked so far? And 2015 was pretty shitty on the family health front too. Ugh.

Anywho, I’d planned on releasing the first volume of the new Dominus Calendar Series, February and December, this month. I’m still going to try to wrap up Lucius and Bry’s Saturnalia loving in the next week or so, but it might be June before it’s ready for prime time. My brain’s a bit clogged with those awful hospitals smells. Thanks for your patience and support.

And if you enjoyed Dominus and Games of Rome, please leave a review at Amazon. I could use some cheering up, and the boys needs some love too. For those of you who have taken the time to post a review, thank you. I reread them sometimes for smiles and laughs. 😀

Big hugs for everyone!

JPK ❤️❤️❤️



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