Another December Snippet

Given the crushing sorrow many of us have suffered these past couple of weeks, I’ve found some solace in sticking nouns, verbs, and adjectives together… and then rearranging them, over and over. December will be here soon. ❤️


Trotting to keep pace with Dominus and his small retinue of personal guards, Bry licked his lips before inhaling a gulp of mild, mid-day air. Tonight, Dom would happily play the part of the pleasure slave, allowing Bry control in the master chamber. His noble master naked and on his knees, his light blue eyes sparkling, his flushed lips parted, obediently waiting for Bry’s next command. Bry glanced at the tall, handsome aristocrat who’d owned him for over ten years; Dom smiled back —excitement hurrying his pace—as they all ran down another flight of stone steps to the valley below. Dominus adored any chance to abandon the restrictions of the basilica and the palace. Although his master would never admit it publicly, Bry knew he looked forward all year to this rare opportunity to discard the rules of proper Roman behavior.

“Io Saturnalia!”



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