December Snippet (last one?)

Greetings, all.

Here’s what may be the last snippet from December prior to its release. December is the second story in the new Dominus Calendar Series. Tomorrow, assuming this crazy, sad, beautiful world is still here, I hope to reveal the cover for Volume I of the Calendar Series!!!

Also, I’m running a limited-time-only sale on Games of Rome over at Smashwords. Most of you probably have Book 2 of the Dominus series, but please feel free to tell a friend. The coupon code to purchase Games of Rome for 50% off is YK52M. The sale end on the Ides of July (7/15). Here’s the direct link to the book on Smashwords:

As always, thank you for your support and patience.

JPK ❤️❤️❤️


Still dressed in his flamboyant Dionysian attire, Bry’s master lay stretched along a couch at the center of the hall, his attention focused on an unfurled scroll, his eyes glassy and his cheeks wet. A few silent moments passed. No acknowledgement. No notice Bryaxis was standing at the threshold to the dining room.

Bry cleared his throat and bowed.

“Dominus, how may I serve you?”

“There you are, my love!” Dom patted the luxurious cushions. “Come over here and distract me from my idiocy.”

“Idiocy, sir?”

“I haven’t received a damn bit of news from Gaius for over four months. Now, for whatever reason, I can’t bring myself to break the seal and open his recent correspondence hand-delivered to me by Aelius Hadrianus. Fool that I am, I decided to retrieve an old letter from my dearest red-headed friend, and the bastard’s heart-breaking words brought me to tears yet again. Take this distressing missive away from me, won’t you?”


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