December is finished!


That took longer to write than half a damn novel! I’m looking it over (20+K) and adding spice and sugar here and there, but it’s done. What a fun story. Luc & Bry and role reversal. *sigh*

So, I’ll be sending the PDF version off to everyone on the email subscriber list as soon as it’s edited by the goddesses and formatted with the pretty new cover. And I need to write a short bit about Roman calendars and festivals in February & December. But I have a question for you guys.

I’m going to put it up for sale on Amazon to see if I can find a few new readers. I should include an excerpt from Book 1, but I don’t think I should pick the first chapter. Read the new stuff and you’ll see all the characters we meet (and the ones we don’t, like Simon and Allerix). What scene with Gaius, Luc and/or Bry (or Luc & Bry, or Bry & Euphronia, etc.) should I stick on to the end of this novella that won’t be a spoiler and (fingers crossed) might encourage folks to try the novels? All suggestions loved.

Off to tidy up up the smutty, sweet, overdue present.

JPK  ❤️❤️❤️

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