Paperback for February and December and translations

I’m so damn thrilled to have finally found a professional and affordable book formatter! The paperback version of February and December looks gorgeous and cute — I made it a smaller size than the Dominus novels (5X8 inches instead of 6X9) and the cover is fab in print. AND I made the price as cheap as possible. I earn diddly squat on the paperback versions of my books, but I know some of you love real, hold-in-your-hand books like me, so go grab a copy now. The paperbacks for Games of Rome (and a revised Dominus) will be available later this fall. We should have a giveaway party, me thinks. 😀

Here’s the direct link for the paperback of February & December:

As well as the original paperback version of Dominus:

I’m also considering having these this delightfully smutty, romantic novella translated into Italian! Would any of you be interested in Italian translations of my stories? I’ve already contracted for all of the novels to be translated into French. I’m still searching for a great, affordable German translator too.

Back into the writing cave. Happy Saturday!

JPK ❤️❤️❤️

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