A new, insightful review for Dominus

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

While I’m busy in the writing cave penning the third book, I wanted to share this wonderful review from the blog, Rainbow Gold Reviews. https://rainbowgoldreviews.wordpress.com/2016/10/18/dominus-by-jp-kenwood-lgbt-review-historical-ancientrome-mm/

I’m thrilled with Marc’s thoughtful review of Dominus. One of my hopes in writing Book 1 the way I did was to entice the reader to gradually appreciate and perhaps even grow fond of Gaius, just like Allerix (appears) to be slowly losing his heart to his auburn-haired master. Gaius Fabius is a complex man with many bitter and sweet layers, and gods know he can be very difficult to like, let alone love. I’m so happy so many of you have found him a fascinating, if not at times frustrating, character. I’ve got big, big plans for Mr. Rufus in book 3. 😉

Draft chapters and snippets of Book 3 coming soon!


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