Upcoming Sale Event

Happy December!

I will be participating in a holiday celebration and sale of m/m historical fiction and romance. So many great stories, so many fascinating historical eras, so many talented writers.

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Over the course of the Saturnalia event, I’ll be posting special deals here on the blog to highlight my amazing fellow m/m historical author peeps. And… February and December will be on sale for .99 cents/pence/euros! And soon after, Dominus will be on sale. By bull-testicled Jove! 😀

So, what am I going to do for my feature post on December 13?


I’ve been stuck. Gaius is about to seduce Allerix. He has something delicious and decadent planned. There will be explicit loving and plotty pillow talk – two of my favorite things! I think I know what happens. But Gaius hasn’t been cooperating. Stubborn shit.

When I get stuck, it almost always happens with a fight scene or a plot-heavy moment. Normally I break out of it by writing sex. I love to write intimacy. It…flows. Except in those rare instances when it doesn’t. So I’m switching gears (temporarily) to write something different.

In a few days, look out for a substantialish snippet of a scene from the next Calendar Series novella story. I’ve been thinking about this prequel moment for a while now. Terrifying. Romantic. Courageous.

Max and Nicomedes. The docks of Neapolis. And Gaius. Whether he likes it or not. Obstinate bastard.

A presto!

JP xoxo

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  1. Markie
    December 8, 2017 at 2:19 am

    Can’t wait!! 😀

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