Gaius and Allerix Character Takeover Event!

On Sunday, September 23rd, from 8-9 pm EDT, Gaius and Allerix will help celebrate the launch of Maz Maddox’s new book with a character takeover over at Maddox’s Saloon.   The lads are part of an amazing line up of fictional characters from books penned by a bunch of super talented mm fiction/romance authors. Here’s the link to the event on Facebook:

Maz’s invitation to everyone:


Come down for a good drink and amazing company! (Both virtual, unfortunately. 😉 ) Ask your favorite characters burning questions, play games, and stick around for prizes.

Make sure you join Maddox Saloon to hang out with us!

Saloon entry:

** Characters are subject to change!
They don’t always behave.

Katze Snow / Maddox Caine 1pm – 2pm
TN Nova / Dante 2pm – 3pm
R. Phoenix / Tavi & Elias 3pm – 4pm
Kasia Bacon / Ervyn & Lochan 4pm – 5pm
Maz Maddox / Scarlet 5pm – 6pm
Morgan Noel / Mew 6pm – 7pm
Maz Maddox / Jesse 7pm – 8pm
JP Kendwood / Gaius & Allerix 8pm – 9pm
Jex Lane / Sam & Jet 9pm – 10pm


Me again. This party is a live event, but you don’t have to be there to submit questions. Please do stop by if you can though — I rarely do these types of events, and I’m nervous as all bloody hell because I’m a super slow typer. And Gaius and Allerix (esp. Alle) take way too long pondering how to answer a question. So, please, please, please – if you want to ask something of the lads, please put your question(s) here in a comment (or several comments) below so they have time to prepare. Even if you can’t attend the event, they can still (try) to answer your questions, and you come back later to see what they have to say. And there will be Dominus prizes too for those who can attend. Signed paperbacks and swag bags! \o/

JPK xoxo



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