Sunday Snippet

A sizzling, wee morsel from Dominus, Book 3. Allerix’s POV. Unedited and subject to change.


Biting his lower lip, Gaius froze. His golden-brown eyes sparkled with apprehension spiced with desire. Despite the shiny falx blade hovering in front of his heart, he flashed his brilliant dimples.

“Is this my final farewell, Wolf Prince?”

“Only if you underestimate my skill, Commander Fabius. Now—do not move.” Allerix lifted the weapon and slowly sliced through the fabric covering Gaius’s other shoulder. The broad, silver-studded leather belt cinched around Gaius’s waist prevented his tunic from falling to the grass. Waggling his arched brows, Alle playfully twirled the curved end of his weapon in front of Gaius’s navel.

“Unbuckle your belt, Rufus.”

Not taking his eyes off Allerix, not blinking even fucking once, Gaius unclasped the large buckle; his slashed ivory garment slid off his body. Naked and glistening with perspiration, Gaius folded his leather belt and slapped the looped strap against his palm before carefully nudging the tip of Alle’s falx blade to the side.

“Did you know we Romans adore contests between mismatched opponents, my dear furry Prince?” Gaius purred in defiance and, without warning, sharply turned his head to stare at the house on opposite side of the garden. His jaw dropped as he gasped in shock.


JPK xoxo

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