Sunday amuse-bouche

A short morsel as we get closer to the release of Book 3. Unedited and subject to change. Gaius & Allerix. Alle’s POV.


Once they reached the spectacular, virile monstrosity—each of the sea god’s balls was the size of Allerix’s head—Gaius gestured for Alle to climb up into the lap of the statue.

“Are you sure it’s sturdy enough, sir? We don’t want to damage your wife’s garden art.”

“Don’t know. I’ve never fucked on it before. Depends on the quality of the marble, I suppose.” Gaius shrugged, stone-faced. “Grab that oil lamp there, and let’s test the old boy’s strength. Scale our divine host, Wolf Prince, while I stand here enjoying the splendid view of your naked arse,” Gaius chuckled, waggling both auburn eyebrows.

“Oil lamp?”

“Do you want to be able to ride a horse tomorrow? Fetch the damn lamp and climb up, my plucky knight.”

“Generals first, sir,” Allerix countered with a wave of his arm and another wink. A deliberate frisky flutter of his thick eyelash, a gesture Gaius couldn’t pretend to miss.



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