Wednesday amuse-bouche

I hope everyone who celebrates had a lovely Christmas or Sol Invictus Day! Happy Boxing Day! 😀

Don’t forget that two signed paperbacks and a bag of swag are up for grabs over at the Diverse Reader blog:


As his gaze lingered on Alle’s eyes, Gaius asked out of the side of his mouth with no urgency, “Have any letters arrived from Rome?”

Bry startled when he realized Gaius was addressing him. “Uh—none so far, Commander.”

“Good. Perhaps all is calm in the capital.” Gaius jumped to his feet and marched back into the main room, empty wine glass in hand. “When he returns, tell our twitchy scout he can find me in the weapons yard eviscerating straw-stuffed practice dolls. Never waste a rare, sunny fucking day during winter in Dacia, boys! Finish up and lock my office when you leave.”

After Gaius closed the door, Bryaxis leaned across the table and mocked in a low voice, “He’s a fucking odd bastard, isn’t he?”

“Well, he did save your miserable life which is pretty fucking odd. Stop griping, you ungrateful prick, and do your job,” Allerix snapped back.

Shocked at Alle’s tone, Bry laughed in disbelief. “Now we’re defending Fabius’s precious honor, are we?”

Allerix pointed his stylus like a dagger and growled, “We’re doing whatever I say we’re doing, Caledonian. I outrank you, remember?”



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