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From the soon-to-be-released third novel in the four book Dominus saga. Here’s a few more words from Blood Before Wine. Allerix’s POV. Subject to (slight) change. Happy Sunday!

Oh, and the countdown-to-release giveaways are underway in our private and cozy Facebook Readers Group, Dominus Playroom. Click on the link below, answer the two simple questions for entry, and put your # in the giveaway pot. A signed paperback and acrylic standup figures of Gaius and Allerix are this weekend’s prizes. 😀


Alle readjusted his grip on his spear and scoured the barren woods for signs of movement. A quaking bush or the rustle of low-hanging tree branches would betray their prey’s hiding spot. It shouldn’t take long to find a juicy pig; these northern forests were famous for the most vicious but meatiest wild boar in all of Dacia.

“Over there,” Gaius alerted Alle in a hushed voice as he pointed to a tumble of rotting logs leaning on a huge tree stump that stood a hundred feet or so off the path. Around the edges of the natural woodpile, the snow had been stomped flat to reveal the bare, beaten ground. Swords and spears at the ready, Allerix and Gaius cautiously guided their mounts through the thickets of leafless trees towards opposite sides of the boar’s lair.

As Alle grew closer, a mound of dark brown fur shuffled under the shadowy overhang of the snow-covered logs. His mouth watered at the prospect of pleasing Gaius again with his hunting skills, and at the anticipation of succulent roasted pork.

Lifting his spear, waiting for the ferocious animal to reemerge, Allerix glanced up and spied Gaius flashing both his deep dimples proudly.


JPK xoxo

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