Blood Before Wine Release Plan

Happy Saturday!

The eBook for Blood Before Wine is scheduled to be released through Amazon (and Amazon KU) on or around January 31st. I say ‘around’ because Amazon has been acting wonky lately with releases for other indie authors. Sadly, some folks’ books have been stuck in publication limbo on Amazon for a few days. Let’s hope the gods are with us.

About 2 days prior to the Amazon release, I’m going to try to offer the eBook through Payhip in the major eBook formats so those of you who prefer not to give your hard earned money to the Zon can grab it before it becomes Amazon exclusive for 90 days.

There’s no early pre-order. I’m sorry about that, but I will literally be tweaking and messing with the manuscript and its formatting up until the last moment I hit the publish button. And Amazon has also been screwing up pre-release ordering.

If (and that’s a big IF) I can get things sorted a bit early, I will offer a few complimentary Advanced Review Copies over in our FB readers group (link to our cozy, private group above in the main menu).

The gorgeous paperback will likely be ready by early March. I’m commissioning a paperback-exclusive bespoke map once again from the lovely, talented Catherine Dair, so we need a bit of time to get that done. If you have the paperback of Games of Rome, you know how beautiful her maps are. πŸ˜€

Any and ALL release announcements will happen here and in the FB readers group first.

So hang tight, stock up on tissues and wine (or the bevvie of your choice), and get ready to strap up those sandals. 🍷🍷

JPK xo

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