Updated Blood Before Wine Available

Good news! Heard from the Zon today. They’ve been unusually helpful lately.

To update your copy of Blood Before Wine, sign into the Amazon account you use to purchase books and copy/paste the link in this email below. All of your books that have an update available will be indicated with an orange button, including Gaius and Allerix. Click and fix.



Greetings from KDP Support Team. Hope this email finds you well!

I was following up with your inquiry about sending updated content to customers who purchased your book, “Blood Before Wine: Dominus Book 3.”

We’ve reviewed the changes to your book and we consider the content updates to be minor quality corrections.

We won’t notify customers of the updates, but they can now update the content on their “Manage Your Content and Devices” page (www.amazon.com/gp/digital/fiona/manage).

If you own a copy of your book, you can also download the newer version from this page.

I appreciate your patience while I was working on your request.

Have a great day further!


I did indeed have a great day further. The paperback is scheduled to be released in March.

JP xoxo



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