Audiobook of Dominus!

Note to the PIRATE visiting this page who uploaded the audiobook of Dominus to a torrent site and stole my intellectual property. That was really scummy and quite illegal. May Fortuna’s fury and my lawyers curse you.

Greetings, all!

I have great news for audiobook fans.

An experienced and highly regarded British narrator and voice actor is producing the audiobook for Dominus, Book 1. I’m chuffed beyond belief. Nine plus hours of Gaius swearing to all the gods. LOL. We hope to have the audiobook ready some time this fall, so stay tuned for updates.

And I’ll be sending out my first ever newsletter next month for all you subscribers. It’ll have Dominus book news, quirky Roman factoids, insights on my writing process, ancient Roman recipes for foods highlighted in the story, and more. Happy Hump a Bubble Rump Day.

JPK xoxo

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