Dominus Book 1 audiobook codes

Very soon, the audiobook of Dominus, Book 1 will be available. We can’t give an exact release date, but we do want to let you all know that we’ll have audiobook codes to give away for free copies of the audiobook once it’s available on Audible. Here’s the plan…

The first batches of US and UK codes will be distributed through a sign up form in our Facebook readers group, Dominus Playroom. It’s a small, private and friendly group. Join us at this link:

The next batches of US and UK audiobook codes will be distributed through the Dominus Newsletter. Sign up here to be on the newsletter mailing list:

The remaining codes (if there are any left) will be distributed through this blog and through MM audiobook groups on Facebook.

Once the audiobook is available for purchase, I’ll post the cover and Audible link here on the blog in a separate post.

Happy Hump a Rump Day!

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