Dominus Book 1 in Audiobook!

Our first audiobook is now live and for sale through Audible and Amazon!

Soon it will be up on iTunes as well.

Ten plus hours of our irreverent, sexy Roman romp performed by two delightfully talented voice actors.

ETA: Our narrator, Han Hills, has uploaded a batch of US & UK promo codes for a FREE copy of the Dominus audiobook on a public code giveaway site. Grab one while they are available:

SMALL Final Dominus Audio Cover 2 narrators

Link to Dominus on Audible:

Link to Dominus on Amazon:

I’ve sent out the first batch of US & UK codes for a free copy of this audiobook. I have more UK codes now, but will have to wait for a new set of US codes.

We hope you enjoy the fabulous performances. And please leave a review on Audible when you’ve finished. We need your support to be able to produce the audiobook of Games of Rome.

JP xoxo

  1 comment for “Dominus Book 1 in Audiobook!

  1. Chris Quinton
    January 8, 2020 at 1:38 am

    YAAY! Got the code and downloaded the audio book! Thank you so much!

    C xx

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