Anniversary Giveaway!

Six years ago yesterday, we released the first novel in the Dominus saga. Of course, we just had to send it out into the world on Rome’s legendary birthday, April 21st.

From today through April 25, 2020, the first complete novel will be FREE on Amazon!
See how the epic forbidden love story of Gaius and Allerix started at Decius’s exclusive slave auction on the Quirinal Hill in Rome. Strap up your sandals for one outrageous, sexy, naughty chariot ride.
SWAG cover
Grab a copy of Dominus, or if you already have Book 1, let a reader friend or five know that they can get Dominus (Book 1) for free for a limited time. And the FAB audiobook is whispersynced on Amazon for a low price. 
Link to Dominus on Amazon:

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