Status of Sunday Snippets

Hi, folks.

I’m sorry to say that Sunday Snippets are damn near impossible for this last book in the Dominus saga. I tried to post a short one yesterday until I realized it had a plot spoiler. Spoilers in snippets just can’t be avoided at this stage of the story. I apologize since I know how many of you enjoy them.

If you want early access to the story prior to publication, including all the juicy plotty bits, I encourage you to join us on our Patreon where you will have access to all drafts and rewrites and discussions of plot, including folks who join the least expensive tier (Pyramus). If you want even more exclusive stuff, the higher priced tiers are the way to go. I promise you’ll be spoiled with love and goodies at all tiers. And you’ll be helping up cover the costs of an illustrated/graphic Dominus novella which I plan to produce after Book 4 is released. I will be closing our Patreon to new members in spring 2021, so keep that in mind.

Here again is our Patreon page:

Happy Monday!
JPK xo

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