New Sunday Snippet from Book 4

A fun, tiny bite of a chapter. Allerix’s POV. Unedited and subject to change.

Mild spoilers for Blood Before Wine (Book 3)

Happy Sunday!


After combing his fingers through his locks, Allerix gathered up the strands in one hand and secured the topknot with a short leather cord. Once he’d pulled his tan hood over his head and shielded his nose and mouth with the edge of his cloak, he stepped out of the common latrine attached to the camp’s baths. Under the early morning’s relentless sun, the wind whistled, whipping waves of biting dust through the warm air.

Gritty red sand.

Everything outside was rust-colored, coated with a film of crimson desert dust.

Taking a deep breath, Alle squinted as he jogged to the horse stalls of his barrack building and slammed the door shut behind him.

“There you are, pup! Where did you go off to?” the bearded officer asked from the smaller doorway on the opposite side of the two-horse stall. Only one person in this entire camp of over a thousand equestrian recruits and officers had the balls to call him, ‘Pup’.

Denzibalos the Dacian.



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