When she doesn’t have her nose buried in a dusty old history tome, JP Kenwood relishes reading and writing plot-packed erotic m/m fiction with strong romantic elements sprinkled with humor and angst. Her alternate history series, Dominus, features an ensemble of memorable characters—masters and slaves, senators and soldiers, lawyers and freedmen, wives and whores—who live, laugh, and lust during the Golden Age of imperial Rome. Dominus is an m/m alternative history fantasy series set in ancient Rome during the reign of the Emperor Trajan (AD 98-117). What if Trajan had been the custodian of two boys instead of only one? What if Hadrian had been privy to secrets that could damage the political authority of his older and more successful fellow imperial ward, Gaius Fabius? What if a Roman general had fallen in love with his captive Dacian slave? Could a powerful Roman aristocrat of noble ancestry have been deliberately erased from history?

The second book of this series, Games of Rome, follows our auburn-haired protagonist, Gaius Fabius, and his Dacian captive turned pleasure slave, Allerix, as they struggle to overcome heartache and hatred while searching for justice, vengeance, and love.

Book 3 in the Dominus saga coming in late January, 2019!

Her fiction works to date include Dominus (2014), “Bashir,” in the Kickass Anthology (2014), and Games of Rome (2015). She adores writing short stories set in the Dominus universe; February and December: Dominus Calendar Series I (2016) is now available on Amazon.

JP spends most days writing fiction and non-fiction, researching historical curiosities, traveling the world, cooking gourmet fare for her handsome husband, and relaxing with a good glass of wine, or two.

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Feel free to drop me a note: jp_kenwood@yahoo.com

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