Author: JP Kenwood

Happy Hump a Rump Day!

A bit late on the bum today, as I’ve been busy with real life work. The feedback on the draft of Chapter 1 has been fantastic! Please feel free to join the conversation and share your thoughts over at LiveJournal: The draft of Chapter 2 from Games of Rome will be posted soon (2-3 weeks).…

Draft Chapter 1 is posted!

Here on AO3: And more convenient for feedback and chatting about plotty stuff and such, on LiveJournal here: I hope you enjoy. It’s going to be quite a crazy, wicked ride! JPK

The fun begins tomorrow!

The first draft chapter of Games of Rome, book 2 in the Dominus series, is all spiffed up and ready for showtime. It’ll go up sometime tomorrow over at AO3, LiveJournal, and FictionPress. THIS is the SUPER fun part of this whole process for me – sharing my work in progress chapter by chapter and…

A skeleton, you say?

Well, we have two. And a fancy, ivory-handle dagger. *sticks tongue out and wiggles fingers* This is amazing. Damn, the Greek archaeologists have all the fun. Three days until Gaius returns. 🙂 JPK

Coming on December 11, 2014!

A fab collection of tales! I wrote a story featuring Charlie Hughes, our intrepid yet rather chicken-shit archaeologist from the Dominus series, and Fiona Fu created an amazing cover for it. Great art and stories for a super great cause. All proceeds go to benefit Eric Arvin during his recovery.  Buy links will be posted as soon as…

Prepped for launch!

You’ll notice that I’ve added a new work to my AO3 account. This is the preliminary setup and place holder for the draft chapters of “Games of Rome” on AO3. I’ll also prepare my pages on LiveJournal and FictionPress. On the Ides of November, the games begin. 🙂

Goodreads Book Award Lists and Things

HAPPY HUMP A RUMP DAY!!! Somehow, my first book, Dominus, made it onto FOUR lists for the GR book awards thingy. If you enjoyed the wicked romp, please consider giving it a vote clicky. Ta, lovelies! Only ten days to go!!! Gaius is chomping at the bit over here.

Less than two weeks… YIKES!

I can’t wait to share some of this next book, but damn… I’m getting stupid nervous. So far, Book 2 is less porny, more story—though there will be uber smexy hotness, probably more daring than I’ve written so far. There’s this mock dinner party scene where Gaius, Max and Bryaxis… Yup, I know what you’re thinking. And there’ll…