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Our blog post over at GGR to celebrate the release of the Kickass Anthology, along with a lovely review of our sweet m/m story, Bashir. And a taste of Fiona Fu’s beautiful artwork. 😀  Buy this collection of fab stories and support a great cause! JPK

Happy Saturnalia!

Today is the first day of Saturnalia, when presents are exchanged, business is suspended, and roles are reversed. Would Gaius make a good slave for a day? I suspect this might become Allerix’s favorite holiday. 😀

Draft Chapter 3 of Games of Rome

will be posted at the usual places on Monday… or maybe Sunday. Get ready for the history shit to hit the plot fan. A new character is introduced, Pliny the Younger. Interested in learning more about the real Pliny the Younger? Check out his wikipedia page here. He’s quite a character. 😀 Happy Saturday, lovelies. JPK


Release Day!!!  The ILLUSTRATED KICKASS ANTHOLOGY is available now at Amazon. This hefty collection of stories and accompanying artwork about heroes and underdogs and badassery is a work of love by twenty authors, artists, and friends. My story, “Bashir,” features our ‘narrator’ from my Dominus series, Charlie Hughes, as a younger man facing challenges and finding friendship during…

Whom do you want?

Character profiles are an important exercise for every storyteller; for me, they help establish the basic background story for each of the secondary characters in the Dominus saga. And yes, there are many, many players in this wicked tale. 🙂 I believe it’s time for a new character profile. Most of my earlier ones originally posted…

That hot little porn scene…

Is rapidly turning comedic before segueing into bittersweet. Guess who decided to pop by for a visit and share some left over wine at exactly the critical moment of Allerix’s wank? “I’d give you a hand, Dacian, but I see you already have two.” Poor, frustrated Alle. 😉 Oh, and guess what? You can get…

A large farming operation in Rome itself?

DAMN! This is the biggest archaeological news to come of out Rome in a while! A massive agricultural operation dated to the late Republican period unearthed right next to the Lateran basilica. And this is why Rome will never have an extensive underground railway system.