Author: JP Kenwood

That hot little porn scene…

Is rapidly turning comedic before segueing into bittersweet. Guess who decided to pop by for a visit and share some left over wine at exactly the critical moment of Allerix’s wank? “I’d give you a hand, Dacian, but I see you already have two.” Poor, frustrated Alle. 😉 Oh, and guess what? You can get…

A large farming operation in Rome itself?

DAMN! This is the biggest archaeological news to come of out Rome in a while! A massive agricultural operation dated to the late Republican period unearthed right next to the Lateran basilica. And this is why Rome will never have an extensive underground railway system.

Draft Chapter 2 of Games of Rome

I learned today that 700 copies of Dominus have been purchased since its release back in April. THANK YOU!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ In celebration, I’ve posted the draft of Chapter 2 from “Games of Rome” on LiveJournal and AO3. Gaius goes to his home on the Caelian and poor Bryaxis wakes up. Enjoy. 🙂 JPK

Spontaneous Saturday Night Porn

From Games of Rome. Warning: spoilers for Book 1, Dominus. Unedited and subject to revision or the cutting room floor, as always. NSFW  😉 Gaius Fabius’s seaside villa, Campania He dragged the tip of his pointer finger through the sweat pooling in the crevices between his muscles; he was burning from the inside out. Allerix stared at the undersides…

Trajan’s Place of Death

A description (with fab photos) of Trajan’s place of death in Turkey, an ancient city known as Selinus: Cenotaph of Trajan in Selinus, Asia Minor This was where, according to the scant sources, Marcus lay dying in his bed and supposedly named Publius Aelius Hadrianus as his successor. Of course, we’re going there. As you might expect, I…

Fab Online Map of the Roman Empire

Oh, how I love maps! This new one is going to come in handy dandy. Want to see where some of the locations in Dominus are in the Roman Empire? Search: Puteoli (location of Gaius’s villa) and Sarmizegethusa Regia (original capital of Dacia)

Happy Hump a Rump Day!

A bit late on the bum today, as I’ve been busy with real life work. The feedback on the draft of Chapter 1 has been fantastic! Please feel free to join the conversation and share your thoughts over at LiveJournal: The draft of Chapter 2 from Games of Rome will be posted soon (2-3 weeks).…

Draft Chapter 1 is posted!

Here on AO3: And more convenient for feedback and chatting about plotty stuff and such, on LiveJournal here: I hope you enjoy. It’s going to be quite a crazy, wicked ride! JPK

The fun begins tomorrow!

The first draft chapter of Games of Rome, book 2 in the Dominus series, is all spiffed up and ready for showtime. It’ll go up sometime tomorrow over at AO3, LiveJournal, and FictionPress. THIS is the SUPER fun part of this whole process for me – sharing my work in progress chapter by chapter and…

A skeleton, you say?

Well, we have two. And a fancy, ivory-handle dagger. *sticks tongue out and wiggles fingers* This is amazing. Damn, the Greek archaeologists have all the fun. Three days until Gaius returns. 🙂 JPK