Author: JP Kenwood


No snippet this week, I’m afraid but… With the help of a generous friend, I’ve spent hours on InDesign creating a professional quality pdf for the paperback version of Dominus. It looks gorgeous and should be available from Createspace and Amazon very soon. And, given that Nov. 15 is right around the corner, I’m working…

Going home

Social media is a time-consuming, life-sucking vortex of blah. From my limited and bent perspective, Facebook is used by authors primarily for promotion. Buy my book! Vote for me in this next contest! I’ve written the best thing since Homer! Yeah. Pretty much. I’ll use FB for promotional purposes when I have something new to promote, but…

History destroyed

Map of Roman Syria NY Times article on the destruction of archaeological sites and monuments in Syria and northern Iraq. Even though this has happened countless times throughout history, it is always heartbreaking. The remains of Dura Europus.