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DOMINUS (Book 1)

Dominus is a plot-packed erotic m/m fantasy saga that transports readers back to ancient Rome during the reign of the Emperor Trajan (98-117). What if Trajan had been the custodian of two boys instead of only one? What if Hadrian had been privy to secrets that could damage the political authority of his older and more successful fellow imperial ward, Gaius Fabius? What if a Roman general had fallen in love with his captive Dacian slave? Could a powerful Roman aristocrat of noble ancestry have been deliberately erased from history?

Gaius Fabius, a lusty, ambitious Roman general and potential heir to the imperial throne, acquires a new pleasure slave—a recently-captured, feisty Dacian prince named Allerix. Dominus is the slow-buring saga of two sworn enemies who both take risks and make sacrifices—it is about the unforeseen consequences of seeking vengeance, earning trust, and falling in love.

While most details are historically accurate and tied to major historical events and prevailing cultural attitudes, the tale is entirely fictional and the dialogue is deliberately modern and British in flavor. There is very little Latin and there are no gratuitous gladiators.

Now available in audiobook format through Audible!

SMALL Final Dominus Audio Cover 2 narrators

The saga of Gaius and Allerix will be FOUR novels total with a satisfying, smile-inducing ending. The fourth and last novel is due to be released in 2021.

Dominus (Tome 1) is also available in ebook and paperback in FRENCH


Games of Rome (Tome 2) has also been released in ebook and paperback in FRENCH:  😀

The paperback of Games of Rome is also available at all retailers, including Amazon

The audiobook of Games of Rome is scheduled for May, 2020!

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Games of Rome blurb:

In this sequel to Dominus, Gaius Fabius Rufus, the victorious general of Rome’s brutal Dacian Wars, finds his loyalties and his affections pulled in different directions. Should he return to Rome and secure his claim to the imperial throne, or remain at his seaside villa and protect his pleasure slave, the fierce Dacian prince, Allerix? Retaliation for the murder of his beloved friend beckons him home, but his desire for justice could put both him and Allerix in mortal danger. As Gaius’s deceptions multiply, another tragedy strikes. Will the Lion of the Lucky IV Legion be forced to sacrifice his besotted heart to achieve his aspirations for supreme power?

Every moment since Allerix’s violent capture has tested the young prince’s fortitude and cunning. If he can kill the triumphant emperor who decimated his Dacian nation, revenge and immortality will be his glorious, everlasting rewards. But to realize his scheme for vengeance, he must deceive the Roman master whose body he lusts, the handsome, arrogant man whom he has grown to adore and admire. Can two former enemies—the conqueror and the conquered—find trust and true love, or are the consequences of war destined to tear them apart? Can Gaius and Allerix survive the perilous games of Rome?


Release date: January 31, 2019. Original cover art by Lehanan Aida. Buy the eBook on Amazon and (when not in Kindle Unlimited) at all other retailers :

The gorgeous, hefty paperback with a bespoke map by Catherine Dair is available through Amazon and other major retailers.


Blurb for Blood Before Wine:

Conquer. Own. Sacrifice everything.

Gaius Fabius knows a healthy son will secure his claim to the imperial crown of Rome, but his devotion to his Dacian pleasure slave, Allerix, threatens to topple his political power. Determined to solve the mysterious murder of a friend, Gaius searches for clues hidden deep in the palace that might jeopardize his future and his family.

But while he and Allerix share passions in and out of the bedchamber, another assassination sends Gaius and his captured prince back to the vanquished kingdom of Dacia. In order to protect his beloved concubine, can Gaius find the courage to sacrifice his own heart?

Lose. Submit. Betray everyone.

Allerix knows vengeance for the vicious destruction of his homeland is within tantalizing reach, but only if he can convince his Roman master to trust him. When an unexpected ally interrupts his plans, Alle sets aside his lust for revenge to embrace the ecstasy of Gaius’s unbridled devotion.

But a surprise reunion with a childhood friend and an unforeseen return trip to Dacia remind Allerix of all he has lost while revealing the honor and glory that remain to be won. To earn the respect of his kinsmen, can Alle betray the only man he has ever loved?

Dominus is a plot-packed m/m historical fantasy set in ancient Rome during the reign of Trajan (AD 98-117). Blood Before Wine is the third book in this four-book alternative history saga—a tumultuous adventure of forbidden love, humor, friendship, lust, political intrigue, deception, and murder.

Character Profiles

There are a slew of characters who populate the Dominus universe. Of course, Gaius Fabius and Allerix are the MCs of this lusty saga set in ancient Rome. Here I’ll post brief ‘biographies’ of other characters, both original characters and historical figures (as fictionalized by me).


My fictionalized character: Plotina is a manipulative, controlling, and very powerful woman. She wears the toga in the palace and runs the place like a tight ship.  Marcus (Trajan) adores her and would never think of divorcing her, even though they have no biological children of their own. They have two male wards:  Publius Aelius Hadrianus and Gaius Fabius Rufus. Plotina clearly prefers the younger Publius (Hadrian) over Gaius, and wants Publius to be heir to the throne. When she’s not scheming for who should be the next emperor, she runs a very exclusive philosophy discussion group at the palace.  The women of the imperial family, including Marcia Servilia, are often encouraged (forced) to attend these ‘ladies book club’ meetings that last late into the night.

In 107, Plotina has been empress of Rome for nine years. She is 5’6” tall, average build, and has light brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a very distinctive fan-like hairstyle that many in the court suspect is a wig. Plotina is very fond of deep red lipstick and bright pink rouge. She never drinks to excess and despises gluttony. Plotina hasn’t had sex in a very long time, and that’s just fine with her. Plotina is a historical figure.

For Plotina’s wikipedia page, click here.


Born and raised in Rome, Lucius is the oldest son of Tiberius Petronius Longus, a nobleman of plebian ancestry who inherited his substantial fortune from his merchant ancestors.  Lucius’s plebian mother, the gentle and beautiful Aemilia Regilla, doted on Lucius and his younger brothers, Titus and Gallus. In 107, both Tiberius and Regilla are dead; as the eldest son, Lucius inherited the property, wealth, clients and status as the dominus of the family. He and his brothers remain fiercely loyal to one other and to the memory of their loving parents. Lucius is thirty-seven years of age with a few sprouts of grey peppering the black hair around his temples.

His skills in the law courts are justly renown and have earned him the coveted position of chief counsel for the imperial court. Lucius’s muscular frame stands just over 6’3” tall (190.5 cm). Sporting a lush bass voice and intoxicating grey-blue eyes, Luc loves to drink good wine, attend parties and share daft ribald jokes. Although it was not officially permitted in Roman society, especially among the aristocratic class, Luc has always been sexually, emotionally and intellectually attracted to men. At the age of twenty while in his third year of studies in Athens, he met Gaius Fabius. It was love at first sight for Lucius; seventeen-year-old Gaius took some convincing, the stubborn prick. Luc is married to Aurelia and has one child, a young daughter named Petronia. Lucius is a fictional character.


Marcia was born in Rome in AD 81. She is the great-granddaughter of a paternal cousin of Trajan’s biological mother. Her two family lines, the patrician branch of the Marcii and the illustrious Servilii, were both very old, blue blood families of Rome.  Therefore, Marcia, like Gaius, is of patrician descent, and their arranged political marriage was considered mutually advantageous. The amiable union of Marcia and Gaius was orchestrated by Plotina, with Trajan’s consent. Marcia respects her husband and participates in his political career, but she prefers the company of women, both in and out of bed.

Brunette with hazel eyes, Marcia is twenty-six years old (nine years younger than Gaius). She is 5’4” tall (162.5 cm) with a petite frame, a soft but strong voice and natural grace. As was the case with most noble Roman girls, especially those connected with the imperial court, Marcia received a solid education in literature, philosophy and music. She reads, writes and speaks both Latin and Greek with eloquence. She is a member of Plotina’s circle of friends and intellects and she spends much of her time at the court in the company of the empress. Marcia resides in Gaius’s ancestral mansion on the Caelian with her slave girls, rarely venturing down to Gaius’s villa in Campania. She inherited her own lakeside country residence in the Alban hills southeast of Rome. It technically transferred to Gaius as part of her dowry, but he has no interest in the property and it remains hers to do with as she sees fit.

Married for seven years, Gaius and Marcia have no children. It was the first marriage for both of them. Like Gaius Fabius, Marcia Servilia is a fictional character.


Twenty-eight years old, Bryaxis is 6’2” (188 cm), lean and well muscled, with golden-brown hair and evocative green-brown eyes. Born the first son of a blacksmith in Caledonia (modern Scotland), he had two older sisters and grew up in a small village plagued by poverty and tragedy. He was enslaved at the age of twelve and sent to Rome to be sold at auction. Lucius Petronius Celsus purchased the young, scrawny Celt for a pittance with the hopes of training him to be his future legal assistant. Lucius named him Bryaxis after Luc’s favorite Greek sculptor. His Caledonian name was Brendan (“brave”). Bry remembers his birth name and still speaks his native language fluently.  He believes that his entire family is dead and he has long given up hope of ever returning home.

The gangly boy bought at auction soon grew into his long limbs and matured to a stunningly handsome young man.  Since turning seventeen, Bry has been Lucius’s only pleasure slave, spending most nights in his master’s bed. He has no patience for sycophantic bullshit, and adores his cheerful and protective adoptive slave mother, Euphronia. Bry speaks Latin and Greek with a faint Caledonian accent and is exceptionally intelligent, sarcastic, sensuous and, above all, loyal to his beloved Dominus. As Luc’s legal assistant, he accompanies his master to the courts and has been granted limited access to the state archives and libraries.  Day and night, he and Luc are rarely apart. Lucius’s new wife, Aurelia, is viciously jealous of Bryaxis. Gaius tolerates his lover’s pet, barely. Bryaxis is a fictional character.


Maximus (born Malqabar, “first born”) is 6’1” (185.5 cm) with a muscular build, expressive brown eyes and a killer smile.  The oldest of four children, his family was part of a patriarchal, semi-nomadic community that lived on the northwestern fringes of the ancient kingdom of Kush (modern Sudan). For reasons to be explored later in the series, Max was condemned to the brutal marble quarries at Simitthus when he was seventeen years old.  During his time stationed in Numidia, Gaius visited the quarries, purchased the gorgeous boy and eventually took him home to his seaside villa near Naples. There, Max quickly befriended Theodorus, the older slave Gaius had inherited from his father. Maximus is twenty-nine years old and was given his slave name by Gaius.

When he was in his early twenties, Max was trained to read, write, speak proper Latin and handle basic weapons. He has lost all trace of his native accent and has no desire to return to his homeland, though he sometimes misses his mother and younger siblings.  He has a quick, dry wit and loves to laugh. Having been Gaius’s favorite for a decade, Max has recently and unexpectedly received ‘conditional freedom.’  He is no longer a slave, but instead enjoys the coveted rank of freedman and client of Commander Fabius. Although his primary task is to train and manage the male pets at the villa, he occasionally travels to Rome with Gaius. Loved and well cared for, he is fiercely devoted to his former master. Although he rarely sings for Gaius anymore, he has a beautiful baritone voice. Max is a fictional character.


Forty-two years old and of Greek descent, Calli is the highest-ranking female slave at Gaius’ Campanian villa. She formerly belonged to Gaius’s mother, Julia, and was a long-time member of the familia of Gaius’s father, Quintus Fabius.  She spent much of her early life in the capital city serving as a domestic slave for the Fabii family. When she was twenty-three years old, Calli was bred with Quintus’s favorite whore, Theodorus. A healthy, beautiful male child was born and named Simon. Three years earlier, Calli had given birth to her first son, a gentle but sickly child named Castor. Castor adored and doted on his little precocious half-brother, Simon, and the two became very close siblings. Calli deeply mourns the loss of her precious Castor to this day.

At 5’5” tall (165.1 cm) with thick, wavy brown hair and a voluptuous body, Callidora is a sensual, smart and ambitious woman.  Except on very rare occasions, she no longer serves as Gaius’ pleasure slave. Her current responsibilities include fashioning herbal remedies from plants and mushrooms that she tends in her small medicinal garden, and watching over Gaius’ scurrent favorite female pleasure slave, Zoe. Housed with young Zoe in a private suite on the far side of the main house, Calli has little direct contact with the boy pets at the Campanian villa. For many reasons, she and Maximus fiercely dislike each other.  Proud and somewhat spoiled, Callidora expects Gaius to grant her freedom as just reward for years of faithful service, in and out of his bed. When freed, she plans to return to Rome and run an herb & spice shop for Gaius’s profit. Not surprisingly, Gaius is unaware of any of Callidora’s dreams for the future. Callidora is a fictional character.


With rich brown curly hair, vibrant green eyes and an infectious laugh, Simon stands just short of 5’9” (175 cm) and is eighteen years and seven months old.  A homebred slave of Greek heritage, he is the son of Callidora and Theodorus.  Simon and Callidora originally belonged to Gaius’s mother, Julia.  For reasons to be explored later in the series, Gaius convinced his mother to sell the pair to him. When he returned from his philosophy studies in Greece, Gaius moved Simon and Calli to his villa in Campania to join Theodorus. Seven-year-old Simon soon started lessons with a local tutor. Gaius’s intention was for Simon serve as his scribe.

Even after Max and then Nicomedes arrived, Simon continued to live in the main villa with the women and rarely saw his master. Out of sight and often forgotten, he grew into a beautiful, lusty young man. Five months ago, Gaius carried him from his office to his bedchamber. He has been Gaius’s favorite pet ever since. When he’s not entertaining his master, Simon’s chores include copying Gaius’s correspondence, keeping the villa library collection organized, and helping out at the stables. Simon is a fearless and skilled horseman. He daydreams about handsome heroes and daring adventures, but he’s only left the villa a couple of times with Max to run errands in the nearby bustling city of Neapolis. He dislikes loud thunderstorms and large crowds, but he loves the warm sting of a good, firm spanking. Simon is a fictional character.


Born in AD 33 during the reign of the emperor Tiberius, Memmia Cornelia descended from one of Rome’s greatest families, the Cornelii Scipiones. Although the once powerful family holds little true political authority in AD 107, Memmia never misses an opportunity to flaunt her illustrious patrician ancestry. Back in her prime, this seventy-five year old matron stood 5’2” (157.5 cm) tall with golden-brunette hair and light brown eyes. One of the most desirable and wealthy Roman aristocratic girls of her generation, she was married to Quintus Fabius Quietus at the age of twelve. After suffering three miscarriages, she gave birth to her only child, a boy named Quintus Fabius, father of Gaius Fabius Rufus.

Quietus and Memmia were married for nearly thirty years. Memmia never remarried after the death of her husband; she lives alone with her cats and peacocks and other assorted birds (and a large staff of freedmen and slaves, of course) at her suburban estate on the Via Tiburtina outside of the city proper. She remains close to her long-time platonic friend and confidant, Cornelius Tacitus, and often invites him to her home to share meals and conversation. She rarely drinks and she avoids Empress Plotina’s dull cultural gatherings at the palace at all costs. When, on rare occasion, she is still forced to attend one of those tedious philosophical readings, she feigns sleep. Like her grandson, she prefers tales of the gods, the myths of men, war stories and histories. She has never visited Gaius’s Campanian villa and has no desire to travel any more. Above all, Memmia Cornelia is respected by her peers. She is a fictional character.


A younger brother of Lucius Petronius, Titus is the second son of Tiberius Petronius Longus and Aemilia Regilla. In stark contrast to Luc’s career in the legal courts, Titus has spent much of his life as an officer in the Roman army. He served as a senior military tribune under Commander Gaius Fabius for both the first and second Dacian Wars. He and Gaius have great respect for one another, although Titus has always been displeased about Gaius’s intimate friendship with Lucius, not to mention Luc’s devotion to Bryaxis. In 107, following the victories over the Dacians, Titus was allowed to retire from military service. He was quickly rewarded for his valiant service with the highly covetous position of Roman governor of Achaea, one of the most peaceful and prosperous provinces in the Roman Empire.

At 5’10” (177.8 cm), he’s shorter and less muscular than his older brother, but he’s a talented fighter, horseman, and civic administrator. With dark brown hair and blue eyes, Titus enjoys spending time and sharing old war stories with fellow soldiers and veterans, especially over a beer or two. Often accused of being too pensive, Titus rarely attends dinner parties outside of his home on the Esquiline Hill and he does not own pleasure slaves. He’s 34 years old and happily married to the love of his life, Antonia Cicurina. Together, they have two boys (Tiberius and Titus Jr.) and one girl, Petroniana. Titus Petronius is a fictional character.

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  1. QueenNicomedes
    February 4, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    Hi! I just love Dominus and the cover of Games of Rome is just perrrfect! That’s why I’m asking, is a paperback coming out in the near future? I really need it!

    • February 4, 2017 at 3:36 pm

      Hi! I LOVE your user name. NIC!!! I should have the paperback version of Games out by the end of this month (February) if not sooner. I’ll announce when it’s ready to buy at Createspace here first! Thank you for loving the lads <3 <3 <3

    • June 6, 2017 at 4:45 pm

      HI, Queen Nic! The paperback for Games is now available, and it’s Oh So Beautiful!

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        May 26, 2019 at 11:20 am

        When is the french traduction of the 3rd book please
        ..thank you

      • JP Kenwood
        May 27, 2019 at 6:52 pm

        Hi! The book is with the translation company (Juno Publishing), but I do not have a release date yet. I will announce it’s release as soon as I hear.

  2. Chloé
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    Hi ! I really love Dominus and Game of Rome, so I wanted to know when will the third book be out ? Thanxxx

    • JP Kenwood
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      Hi, Chloe!!! Book 3 will be out in December, 2018. If you’re on Facebook, come join our closed readers group for chats, giveaways, and more. So thrilled you enjoyed the first 2 books. Book 3 is going to be one amazing, emotional, OMG ride. 😀

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    Hello! Don’t know where else to put this comment but thought I’d tell you that I’ve finally bought the third book and super excited to get into reading it. Missed these guys! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

    • JP Kenwood
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      Vitzy!!! Missed you too. 😘😘 Blood Before Wine is a bumpy ride. And romantic. Hang tight.

  4. Smothermeinrelish
    September 18, 2019 at 1:53 pm

    Is there a time frame for book 4 of the series? I’m needing a fix!

    • JP Kenwood
      September 18, 2019 at 1:56 pm

      I’m hoping that it’ll be out by the end of 2020 but this last book is a research monster, and we have SO many plot lines to tie up, so… Hang in there. I will be posting draft chapters to AO3 when they’re ready. ❤️❤️

  5. May 10, 2020 at 7:34 am

    JP Kenwood!!!!! I’m finally FINALLY reading the lovely Blood before Wine. I’m about 78% through. And I love it so so so much. I will of course give a proper review when I’ve finished it but by gods I missed these characters. You are a brilliant writer because I’ve not immersed myself in this world in a while and I felt welcomed back to these characters as if a day hadn’t gone past.

    Also getting so interested in the geographical ancient history. I didn’t realise that Dacia was modern day Eastern Europe. I assume there must be relics and leftovers of the Romans’ time there too. Like our modern historians in the prologue and epilogue, I’m so intrigued by the ghosts of ages past. It’s almost eerie. Not sure that even makes sense but I love history and I really enjoy how you’re brought to life the past for us through these characters.

    Hope all is well with you. Stay safe and going to go back to finishing the book now! (I read so far in about 3 days) xxx

    • JP Kenwood
      May 10, 2020 at 8:04 pm

      Hi, Vitzy!

      So great to hear from you. I’m delighted you’re enjoying Blood Before Wine!! Gaius and Allerix are so happy to welcome you back. Yes, it was fascinating to go to Dacia and learn the topography and archaeology and then spin it into the story. Lots of sites there I’d love to visit someday.

      You should try the audiobook of Book 1 if you haven’t yet. The narrators did an amazing job. It’s a thrill to hear the lads speak! I still have a few promo codes for the Audible UK site. Let me know if you’d like one. You really have to hear Lucius. jp_kenwood(at)yahoo(dot)com 😀

      You stay safe too, and let me know what you think of the ending of BBW. I’m diving into final Book 4 very soon, and I can’t wait to share the last installment of their love story.

      JP xoxo

      • May 10, 2020 at 9:26 pm

        I would too. I’ve been to Italy a few times and to various European countries and even Egypt which i know is where the Roman Empire extended to once upon a time. But I’d like to go back as an adult (well more of an adult haha) and hopefully a bit more knowledge too!

        I most certainly would love a promo code. I should just email the above address?

        I will do! Don’t want to share any spoilers here so though.
        Oh no book four is the las!?!? I’m not ready 😭 il have to mentally prepare myself.

        Had a curious dream last night….your lovely lads had somehow transported to the 21st century. And they were, less than impressed…

      • JP Kenwood
        May 10, 2020 at 10:53 pm

        Fabulous! I have an insane travel bug. Hopefully we’ll be able to again next year.

        Yes, just shoot me an email. 😁 Hannibal’s voice for Gaius is pure sex.

        Lol. No spoilers. Yes, last novel. I suspect it’ll be the longest. I have a lot of subplots to tie up. And hopefully a satisfying ending. Oi!

      • May 10, 2020 at 11:35 pm

        Oh god. I’ve just finished. I can barely breathe. You’ve moved me beyond words. Il come back tomorrow and express my thoughts more coherently but for now ugh I just have to absorb

        What a beautiful tale. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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