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Now that the tidbits from my current novel-in-progress, Games of Rome, are starting to multiply, I’ll be placing them all here in numerical order for easy access until the book is published in October, 2015. I’ll still post new treats to the main blog and keep the original posts with your fab comments. These teasers are unedited and may change substantially before final publication. Spoilers for Book 1, Dominus, will be noted. 😀



Allerix raised his elbow and adjusted his grip on the handle; Gaius glanced up, the corners of his predatory golden-brown eyes wrinkled in amusement. When Alle’s fingers started to shake from nerves, Gaius smiled, which only deepened the creases of his seductive crinkles. He slowly wrapped his hand around Alle’s wrist and squeezed gently.

“Steady, cățel. Remember to breathe.”




“Whenever you desire, I can make your pleasure last much longer.” Alle brushed the back of his hand across Gaius’s hairless chest, pausing to squeeze his hard, small nipples between his fingers. With a smirk, Allerix licked his flushed lips and asked, “Are you ready for more, sir?”

Gaius squished Allerix’s full, sun-kissed cheeks together. “Cocky little slut. You’re every-fucking-thing I’d never known I wanted until that day I…” His confession on the tip of his tongue, his heart poised to betray him, Gaius shut his mouth and smiled. “Come up here and sit on my lap again, Alle. Your satiated master is more than ready to discipline that cheeky pluck right out of you.”

Gaius tore off the sheet from around his neck and, with a fold clenched between his teeth, ripped off a strip of cloth. And then another, before twirling his pointer finger in a circle.

“Don’t face me. Turn around. There’s a good, obedient lad.”




“You’re too clever for your own good, bubo.” Gaius chuckled, slapping Alle’s left cheek hard enough to mark his creamy alabaster skin. He lifted Alle’s hips up into the air and flipped him over on his back. Dangling upside down, Allerix’s cock jerked against his abdomen, dripping and desperate for attention, but Gaius ignored his glistening erection. After he’d rested Alle’s trembling legs over his broad shoulders, he commanded. “Keep your hands above your head and your pretty eyes closed. You’re not allowed to watch me or touch yourself. I’m in control; I decide what you feel and when you feel it. Now, relax and enjoy my mouth as I devour your fucking beautiful arse.”




“Who the fuck are you?” Simon asked with a scowl, blinking as his eyes adjusted to the dim light of the common room.

“Mind your manners, pup,” Max warned before he swallowed another mouthful of drink. “Simon, this is Bryaxis. Bry’s an old friend of mine; he was Counselor Petronius’s favorite.”

Another fucking whore? Why is he here?”

When Bryaxis slowly put down his cup, pushed back his chair, and stood, Simon’s mouth fell open. By gods, the man was as tall as a tree, even taller than Maximus, who was until that moment the tallest person Simon had ever seen in his short eighteen years.

After Bry retrieved the jug of wine and filled his empty cup, he walked over and fluffed Simon’s hair. “Well, aren’t you an adorable, foul-mouthed nitwit. I’m here, Simon, because our masters were close friends for many years, not to mention clandestine lovers. Unfortunately for the world, my beloved kind-hearted master was murdered instead of yours. In his last testament, Lucius left ownership of me to—” Bry swallowed and pointed towards the main house. “To that red-haired, pompous shit bag of a prick, Fabius! I don’t want to be here anymore than you want to compete with that filthy Dacian for your Dom’s fickle affections.”




“I’m not hurt, sir. I’ve fallen off many horses, and I always manage to get back on. Trust me—with consistent training, Ferox will be an obedient and dependable mount, Dominus.”

“I trust that damn horse will surrender to the bit, but will you, cățel?” After a quick peck to Alle’s temple, Gaius rose to his feet, wiping the dirt off his hands. “The young believe they’re fucking immortal. Maximus, escort our battered and bruised Bellerophon to the stable baths for a long, hot soak while I check on the preparations for this afternoon’s voyage.”

“Voyage?” Allerix asked, glancing nervously at Max.

“Despite that unfortunate mishap, I’m impressed, Alle. Are you game for another, less hazardous adventure?”

“Do I have a choice?”

Smiling, Gaius reached down and brushed the underside of Alle’s chin. “No, you do not.”


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