Here Come The Gladiators

I’m continuing my research on gladiatorial combats for this brief but important scene featuring Gaius, Marcia, and the rest of the imperial family as they attend spectacles in the great Flavian Amphitheater in honor of Lucius Petronius.

Aula Regia

In draft Chapter 5 of Games of Rome, Gaius and Publius attend an audience with Emperor Trajan in one of the most grand and relatively well known spaces of ancient Rome.

Draft Chapter 5!  It’s also now posted at AO3 and FictionPress. Time to close all my Italian goats research tabs and move the f*ck forward. 😀 JPK

Stay tuned…

Draft Chapter 5 of Games of Rome will be posted over at LJ and AO3 later TODAY!!!  Oh, there’s bits in these scenes that even our intrepid editors haven’t seen yet (which also means there’s likely mistakes and typos as well). 😉 More Allerix, more Gaius, more silly wickedness. \o/ JPK

New Goodreads Group

Hey, folks. Kayla Jameth, Lisa Henry and I started a new discussion group on Goodreads for writers and readers of m/m fiction set in Greco-Roman times called The House of Dionysos. Lisa talks about her series set during the reign of Nero (Warriors of Rome), and I chat a bit about the inspiration behind the Dominus…