New Goodreads Group

Hey, folks. Kayla Jameth, Lisa Henry and I started a new discussion group on Goodreads for writers and readers of m/m fiction set in Greco-Roman times called The House of Dionysos. Lisa talks about her series set during the reign of Nero (Warriors of Rome), and I chat a bit about the inspiration behind the Dominus…

Skeleton news

Sources report that the skeletal remains found in the Amphipolis tomb belong to five individuals, including an older woman and an infant.

Draft Chapter 4, Scene 1

has been posted HERE. The chapter is too long for a single LJ post, so I’ll post scene 2 later tonight. Draft Chapter 4 will also be posted to AO3 in its entirety. I hope you enjoy. 😀 JPK

Happy Compitalia!

January 3rd is the traditional date of the Compitalia festival, one of the oldest communal celebrations of ancient Roman religion. The festival honors the Lares, or the household gods and gods of crossroads. Above is pictured a lararium, the domestic shrine located in the home or place of business for regular sacrifices to these powerful and personal deities.…