Sunday snippet

Given the impending holiday madness, draft Chapter 4 of Games of Rome will be posted in the usual places in mid-January. Until then, here’s a longish bit of sweet smut featuring Gaius and Allerix. As always, this is raw and subject to severe editing. And it’s possible that these silly words may wind up on the cutting room…

Writing on a Snowy Saturday

I adore this picture – the composition, the energy, the lighting, and especially the background… classic Roman reticulate wall facing popular during the early imperial period. Today, I’ll wrap up this scene with Allerix and Nicomedes. Another chappie of Games of Rome done! And pen a wee bit of the super smexy Gaius & Allerix loving…


Our blog post over at GGR to celebrate the release of the Kickass Anthology, along with a lovely review of our sweet m/m story, Bashir. And a taste of Fiona Fu’s beautiful artwork. 😀  Buy this collection of fab stories and support a great cause! JPK

Happy Saturnalia!

Today is the first day of Saturnalia, when presents are exchanged, business is suspended, and roles are reversed. Would Gaius make a good slave for a day? I suspect this might become Allerix’s favorite holiday. 😀

Draft Chapter 3 of Games of Rome

will be posted at the usual places on Monday… or maybe Sunday. Get ready for the history shit to hit the plot fan. A new character is introduced, Pliny the Younger. Interested in learning more about the real Pliny the Younger? Check out his wikipedia page here. He’s quite a character. 😀 Happy Saturday, lovelies. JPK


Release Day!!!  The ILLUSTRATED KICKASS ANTHOLOGY is available now at Amazon. This hefty collection of stories and accompanying artwork about heroes and underdogs and badassery is a work of love by twenty authors, artists, and friends. My story, “Bashir,” features our ‘narrator’ from my Dominus series, Charlie Hughes, as a younger man facing challenges and finding friendship during…

Whom do you want?

Character profiles are an important exercise for every storyteller; for me, they help establish the basic background story for each of the secondary characters in the Dominus saga. And yes, there are many, many players in this wicked tale. 🙂 I believe it’s time for a new character profile. Most of my earlier ones originally posted…