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Amazing… The first person to comment to this post will receive a FREE eBook copy of Dominus. Just put your email and preferred format (mobi, epub, etc.) in the comment. No strings attached, except please don’t share the file or sell it to another person or pirate site. Must be over 18 years old cause…

Family Tree – Nerva to Hadrian

Here’s a partial screen shot of the family tree (from Wikipedia) that includes Trajan, Hadrian, Plotina, Sabina, and other historical characters in the Dominus saga. Click on the image for a larger, legible version. I adore that the creators of this genealogical chart included (with faint ‘love/affair’ connecting lines) Antinous, Attianus, and Suetonius. 😀 Here’s the…

Draft Chapter 6.1

The first scene from draft Chapter 6 has been posted to LiveJournal and Archive of Our Own. This scene features Gaius and Tacitus at the Tabularium. If you wish to learn a bit more about this famous Roman historian, here is the wikipedia page for Tacitus. I hope to post the second scene from this chapter soon.…

Rome’s garbage heap of ancient amphorae

What did ancient Romans do with their non-perishable garbage? In the case of the amphorae that were used to transport oil from Spain to Rome, ancient Romans simply piled up millions of discarded fragments and entire ancient Roman amphorae, creating a rubbish dump of broken pottery in the capital city.

Here Come The Gladiators

I’m continuing my research on gladiatorial combats for this brief but important scene featuring Gaius, Marcia, and the rest of the imperial family as they attend spectacles in the great Flavian Amphitheater in honor of Lucius Petronius.