The tomb of Alexander’s lover?

Yes, I’m rather obsessed with this at the moment, but even the mere suggestion that the Amphipolis tomb might have been the sepulcher of Hephaistion is just fabtastic! At this point, who knows. Only an inscription could prove this hypothesis. But I am intrigued by this caryatid connection.

Going home

Social media is a time-consuming, life-sucking vortex of blah. From my limited and bent perspective, Facebook is used by authors primarily for promotion. Buy my book! Vote for me in this next contest! I’ve written the best thing since Homer! Yeah. Pretty much. I’ll use FB for promotional purposes when I have something new to promote, but…

History destroyed

Map of Roman Syria NY Times article on the destruction of archaeological sites and monuments in Syria and northern Iraq. Even though this has happened countless times throughout history, it is always heartbreaking. The remains of Dura Europus.

Sharpen your trowels

If there is one thing archaeologists like to do more than dig, it is debate, often fiercely. And no one debates with more passion than the Greeks. The tomb at Amphipolis is now under re-evaluation. Oh, yeah!  “Katerina Peristeri, the chief archaeologist of Amphipolis, has not presented any evidence that the tomb belongs to the…

Just read more

An interesting post from author Hans Hirshi: I have thoughts on this topic. But for now, I think that I’ll just write whatever the hell it is that I write. 🙂