Less than two weeks… YIKES!

I can’t wait to share some of this next book, but damn… I’m getting stupid nervous. So far, Book 2 is less porny, more story—though there will be uber smexy hotness, probably more daring than I’ve written so far. There’s this mock dinner party scene where Gaius, Max and Bryaxis… Yup, I know what you’re thinking. And there’ll be butt plugs with attached animal tails.

Anywho, in case you want to bookmark where the draft chapters will be posted, I’m sharing them in two places:

Archive of Our Own: http://archiveofourown.org/users/JPKenwood

LiveJournal: http://dominusfiction.livejournal.com

Both places are public sites and you don’t need to join either AO3 or LJ to read and comment. You must, however, be 18+ years old to read this filth. Please drop by and share your thoughts/feeling/frustrations if you wish. I adore feedback from readers and reader suggestions or questions can (and have) change(d) the story.

Off to write more as I gear up for November 15th.

Love and hugs,


Back from Holiday!

Had a wonderful trip with amazing friends, new and old. And, to top it off… much, much writing was done. Apologies for no snippet this past Sunday. I’ll see if I can whip something up for this coming Sunday. And we’re so close to November 15th. \o/


No snippet this week, I’m afraid but…

With the help of a generous friend, I’ve spent hours on InDesign creating a professional quality pdf for the paperback version of Dominus. It looks gorgeous and should be available from Createspace and Amazon very soon.

And, given that Nov. 15 is right around the corner, I’m working hard and fast on Book 2.

AND, I’m penning another free short story in the Dominus Fragmentum series based on a wee thing I posted to my tumblr blog last Halloween. So apologies for no snippet, but meatier things are in the pipeline for you all!

Happy Sunday!